Kirilee and Greg | Brookleigh Estate Wedding | Swan Valley Perth

With a few thunderstorms and the weather changing a bit lately it's always a bit nerve wracking to see whether we'll get a nice day for the wedding come Saturday each week. Luckily this weekend just gone was a perfect autumnal day, reaching about 29 degrees! Kirilee is a super organised bride and was ready nice and early and could relax with her bridesmaids before the ceremony. 

Brookleigh is a beautiful venue in the Swan Valley and we didn't even have to leave the estate for portraits. The Lakehouse where Kirilee got ready with her bridesmaids overlooked the ceremony location next to the lake, and we watched Natalie and the team from Zinnia set up the gorgeous overhead garland on the gazebo as well as decorate all the chairs ready for the guests.

The boys organised Nessie and Nala, the couple's two dogs at the Bunkhouse at Brookleigh. Nessie introduced the bride and Nala brought down the rings during the wedding ceremony, thanks to the help of some treats!

Due to a truck breakdown on the Great Northern Highway, some guests including Greg's Nanna, were quite late to the ceremony. We waited for them, which I didn't mind at all, as it meant much better light during the ceremony! This time of year is perfect for portraits just before the reception. The trouble with January weddings is that often you're into your reception already, even though the magic hour is still happening outside. In March and April however, you get to have the sunset for your portraits before entering the reception. Perfect timing!

Congratulations to Kirilee and Greg, your love for each other and for your families was beautiful to watch xo.