Our first nippy morning. There was a definite chill in the air as we had brekkie, showers and packed up the tents and car. Getting on the road about 8.30am was becoming the norm and we took off for the SA border. Through Madura Pass, the country was beautiful, with the escarpment rising to the north side of the Eyre highway for quite a distance. I stopped at Madura Pass for fuel, not that we were anywhere near running out, but I like to keep a full tank along here just in case! Seeing the price nearly made me change my mind - 1.63 per litre !! Mini heart attack so I just put a smaller amount in to tide me over. So glad I didn’t have to totally fill the tanks at that price. 

I was a bit heart-sore today. It’s like it hit me a few days in. That I’d left everything behind and this was both a good thing and a bad thing. I needed the physical distance from a certain someone to create an emotional distance. We still rely on each other so much and I think I need to get past that if I’m to move on with my life properly. It’s not particularly sane to stay best friends with the person you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with. I can’t bear to think of him relying on someone else and me not being number 1, but to keep relying on him is proving rather soul destroying. In the words of Freddie Mercury…I want to break free. 

Anyway, enough mushy crap. The Eucla Pass rose before us, I saw the sand dunes in the distance and thought I was starting to see things. “It’s just a mirage!”. Nope… there was the ocean, all big and beautiful and blue. God I love it. Don’t you love it? I feel so lucky to live in a city that revolves around water. 


Before we knew it, we had passed into South Australia! We celebrated with the Big Roo and another gourmet lunch. 

I couldn’t believe we had crossed the border already. Renewed with energy we surged on to the Nullarbor Roadhouse. Now at first sight, the tent sites looked pretty crap. Because they are. You’re just on gravel. In a carpark. And yet we loved it and hopefully will stay there again on the way back. Great facilities, relatively cheap, cute little camp kitchen area (where the boys did their schoolwork) and plenty of room for riding bikes, especially up and down the air strip out the back. Charlie’s confidence soared on the bike and we all laughed and shrieked when he managed to go for ages without crashing. He is now officially a bike addict! 

Nullarbor sunsets. Nullarbor sunsets. Nullarbor sunsets. What else can I say?