Nullarbor sunrises. Nullabor sunrises. Nullarbor sunrises. What else can I say?     

Today we had such a long drive in the morning…a mere 20km to the Head of Bight. We were just out of whale season, but the viewing platforms themselves are lovely to look out at the endless expanse of blue rolling waves and the crashing into the rocks below. I mentioned to the woman at the desk that we would be back in late July. A smile lit up her face. ‘Perfect!! Just perfect! You should not only see the whales then but many calves as well’. I may have squealed a little.

With a final look at the awesome Bunda cliffs, we leapfrogged a few caravans, past Nundroo, where I stopped for coffee and a slightly more reasonable $1.22 a litre for diesel. Lovely French girl working in there who I had a quick chat to, gently chiding me for only ever seeing Paris. Mental note to explore the French countryside more (hard decision). 

Our original plan (my navigator Toby and myself) was to go to Streaky Bay, then to the Gawler Ranges. I had heard Streaky Bay was much nicer than Ceduna, but it was off our path to Gawler so at the last minute, we decided to stay in Ceduna. To be honest, I don’t think I’d stay again. It’s a good pitstop but there was something lacking. We ended up being the only tents, on gravel, in a sea of caravans. With TVs blaring not only in the vans, but with TWO screens (different channels, give me strength) in the camp kitchen, I felt just a wee bit suffocated. 

I cooked a good healthy dinner though which was well received by the offspring. I got chatting to a guy in his late 60s I’d say, who had no fixed address, travelling around working. We cooked on the BBQ together and he told me a bit about his life. Perhaps not a good idea to mention I’m a single parent, but it’s a bit obvious when someone asks who is driving the Prado. Ummmm, me? Suddenly lots of questions were asked and I get the sympathetic nod and the ‘oh it’s such a shame you’re by yourself. Surely you must want to be with someone? A lovely girl like you deserves to be in a relationship’. Oh goody. The pep talk. He was lovely and well intentioned, but couldn’t seem to understand I was pretty happy by myself for the time being! Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean lonely. Although I do miss my cat hahaha! 

I tossed and turned all night. Why must caravan parks leave the floodlights on ALL night. Is it necessary for insurance? Do people not own headlamps if they need to go to the loo in the night? Don’t most caravans have a loo? Why the light? Whyyyyyyy?