Flashback to Claire and Adam's amazing wedding in February this year. I love February weddings in Perth. You can't beat a warm summer's evening for your celebrations! 

It was a fairly calm morning as Claire got ready. Whenever I see that the bridal gown is a Loui Col design I have a bit of a squeal..they are always so pretty to photograph and Katie is always a dream to work with :) Thanks to Alinta from Capturing Life's Colour for second shooting with me - she took on the boys and all the groomsmen and family preparations, right through to the reception. 

The ceremony was at the Macedonian Church in North Perth (which was surprisingly cool in the humid afternoon), and these types of ceremonies really are a photojournalist's dream. There is so much to photograph, I barely stopped clicking away. 

The always lovely Kings Park provided snippets of shade between the trees for portraits before we headed into Peppermint Grove and the fabulous venue the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club. I seriously adore this place. It has this amazing combination of feeling laid-back and relaxed, especially on a balmy Feb evening, but is also elegant, refined and oh those views...

Touched By Angels and Twigged Flowers by Tali, as well as an incredible table by Bryan was Here Furniture, made the room look exquisite. Certainly one of my favourite reception set ups ever. Oh and the buffet by The Cake and I! They really can do no wrong. I don't know about you, but I have a major sweet tooth and I had to pull myself back, lest I drool on the yummy sugary things. 

Back outside for sunset with just Claire and Adam before the reception got into full swing for some sweet and romantical portraiture hehe. Did I mention how I love the light on summer evenings? Sigh...