Well I've heard 2016 was a bad year for some, but for me it was a great year that I will never forget. A year of healing and self-growth, and three amazing months travelling Australia with my two boys - a real trip of a lifetime for us that I hope will be forever cemented in their hearts and minds!

It is starting to all feel like a blur; the beauty and vastness of the Red Centre, the dense forest, waterfalls and lushness of the Daintree, the absolute wildness of Kakadu, the whiteout in the Snowies, the palm fringed coast of Mission Beach, the wild baby wombat, the mosquito infestation, the 'feral' pig debacle, the open road, the brumbies in the West Macs, the whales in the Bight....just writing those words makes me want to do it all over again. Here are just a few I've edited already, a long way to go before I make up my travel album! (Stay tuned below for wedding goodness...)

As incredible as that trip was, for the first time (yes I'm pretty nomadic!) I felt I could come back to Perth and put down some proper roots. Settling, being content and enjoying where you live is completely underrated. We have the most amazing city and state, and I love living here and working here. My work means so much to me. I really can't imagine doing anything else. 

So 2017 in a professional sense is about trying new things and being more confident in my abilities: personal photography work, pushing myself more creatively, and collaborating more with like-minded people, all the while ensuring the business is as good as it can be. 

I really feel like a turned a corner in 2016 personally - the last couple of years have had a lot of speedbumps and wrong way turns on the road, and now I feel open to all the amazing new opportunities awaiting: more love; more adventure. I hope you enjoy the following photos from weddings I have had the pleasure to attend in 2016. A massive thank you to all my clients (past, present and future) for entrusting me to capture your day xx

Here are some of my all time faves from the past year....