Castiglioncello | A wedding in Italy...

I will be heading to Italy on 22nd May (not long now!) to photograph a stunning wedding in Tuscany on the coast, in a little town called Castiglioncello. We arrive in Rome on the 23rd and will travel to Napoli as I have always wanted to visit Pompeii.

After spending a couple of days in Rome we'll take the train up to Pisa where we are going to hire a car to travel around Tuscany for a number of days. We'll be in Castiglioncello for 3 days to photograph the wedding of Melissa and Alex!

After the wedding we will explore Siena, Florence and Pisa with a quick trip to Venice before returning to Rome and then home. It will be such an amazing trip and I am putting plans in place to do a LOT of travel photography while I am there, in hopes of exhibiting on my return, or perhaps publishing the images in a coffee table book.

I haven't been able to find many good photos of Castiglioncello (that has to change!) but with quite a bit of searching found Nadia Fondelli's Flickr account and the photo below is hers:

I can't wait to share this beautiful wedding with you upon my return. I doubt I will have chance to blog while I'm away so I also look forward to sharing my travel photos with you from this gorgeous part of the world :)