Chloe and Simon | Wedding at Darlington Winery

The lovely Chloe and Simon were married in late June at Darlington Winery, a favourite spot of mine in the middle of the hills east of Perth. I started with the groomsmen preparation and boy, were they organised. We had time to go down to Manning Park and get some great portraits and I still left for Chloe's early! Chloe met me at the door and even though it was her wedding day, she was more concerned about making sure I was okay, had everything I needed and that her family and bridesmaids had everything they needed. That's just the type of selfless, fabulous person she is. Not a bridezilla in sight! I don't think the smile left her face all day and that was so sweet to see.

It was an incredibly beautiful winter's day. The sun filtered through the trees at the winery as guests started to mingle and await the bride. Chloe's mum walked her 'down the aisle' into the little gazebo with the gorgeous view over the hills and vineyards in the background. Did I mention I love Darlington Estate?

After the ceremony, I witnessed the most beautiful 'receiving line' with smiles, tears, laughter, hugs. This has become my favourite part of the day - some great candid moments always present themselves, like the embrace between father and daughter.

I also have to mention the fantastic bridal party. Brownies, quiche, purple welly boots...a perfect afternoon with lush green ivy and vineyards, autumn colours still clinging to trees and a fair bit of loveydovey-ness!

As the sun set, Chloe and Simon made their way into the restaurant for more love and laughter with some amazing speeches, conversations and dancing.

Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of your incredibly special day :)