Well the weather was quite mild and lovely, perfect day for a wedding. Dom got ready with her family and bridesmaids and her fur baby Luna, who unfortunately couldn't make it to the wedding ;)


Mother Nature laughed at us as I got to the ceremony location, the beautiful Matilda Bay foreshore overlooking the Swan River and Perth city, It was blowing a gale! I think the weather stirred everyone up a bit as Dom and the bridesmaids got ready to walk down the aisle. I noticed a couple of the page boys weren't around just as they started walking down and then a few of us noticed the empty seat in the front row and in horror, realised Dom's mum was not yet there - and she was bringing the pageboys! 


So we aborted the aisle walk, found out where they were, waited for them to arrive and 'Take 2' proceeded! This time without the veil, as it nearly got pulled out of Dom's hair and into the murky choppy river the first time! 

Mum was non-plussed and everyone had a good laugh about it all. That's the best way to handle these things!


With the weather the way it was, we had to get away from the foreshore and so headed into Kings Park. Luckily it was beautifully sheltered within the Botanic Gardens and everything calmed down and celebrations commenced. Lacking a bit of time and knowing the craziness of the city, we decided not to go into Wolfe Lane and compete with traffic, but instead managed to find a lovely view of the city from the cliffs at Kings Park. Best of both worlds :)


The reception was to be at the UWA Club and Dom and Brett headed upstairs for a drink at the bar to refresh themselves before the onslaught of partying all night with their lovely family and friends!