Felicity and Matt | Darlington Estate Wedding

Well OMG! (That's an official word now you know. Can an acronym BE a word? Hmmmm) Anyhoooo...posting twice in two days! Miracles do actually happen then. Today's wedding features the lovely Flick and Matt getting married at Darlington Estate Winery in the Perth hills. Felicity got ready with her sister in law and her two nieces and father at Burswood Resort.

The 35L 1.4 is my fave lens. It is usually on one of my cameras for most of the day, but definitely in the getting ready phase. It is such a great storytelling lens.

Definitely a fave shot of the year. When I saw this and clicked the shutter, I'm fairly sure I had a small heart attack. In a good way of course.

The other lens I mainly use for the getting ready stage is the 85 1.8.

Again the 35L 1.4 comes into its own. So sharp and crisp.

My ceremony lenses are usually the 35L and the 135L. If I had to shoot a wedding with two lenses, these two would be it. Although I have just purchased the 70-200L 2.8 which is getting more of a workout. Way too heavy to hold all day though!

As you will probably notice from these ceremony shots, the background is completely blown out. I always choose to retain the detail in a person's face and forget about the background when it comes to situations like this. In an ideal world, the light would not be like this during the ceremony. As much as I love Darlington Estate Winery, the gazebo does bug me. It is very very dark inside with no additional lighting and then brightness spills in from the back. It is a lovely view for guests of course, looking over the hills and vineyard but does mean that harsh backlight is a given.

I could choose to use a flash of course. Expose for the sky and use fill flash for the couple but as you know if you read my blog, my style definitely prefers natural light. I can't imagine anything worse than a photographer's flash going off constantly during a ceremony. So in order to retain my style and look as well as remaining unobtrusive, I don't use flash during a ceremony. Thus, if you choose a ceremony location that means you are silhouetted against the bright sky...you will end up with images like this where the background is blown out. Always check your ceremony location thoroughly.

Now see the light was slightly better over to the side of the gazebo so when you are choosing your ceremony location, walk around with your partner or friend and get them to look at the way the light falls on your face.

Felicity and Matt brought their wedding forward as Felicity's mum was very ill from cancer. Very sadly, she passed away only a short time prior to the new date and couldn't see her daughter get married. A rose was laid out for her on the registry table in remembrance.

Flick's dad I noticed, was referred to by the kids as 'Moppy' which I adored! I myself have a Poppa and Moppy reminded me of him so much :) What a lovely man. You could tell how much he adored his daughter and grandchildren and was so proud.

Watching Felicity and her little boys made me cry. I am so hopelessly over-emotional lol. Look at the absolute joy in his face at being reunited with his mummy. Bless.

I love how Felicity's brother looks so very masculine whilst holding that bouquet!

I love Darlington Estate for portraits. It is the most beautiful place.

Thank you Felicity and Matt for such a lovely, relaxed and happy day.