One of the best parts of my job is meeting awesome people. I've never been an extrovert, I'm pretty shy at meeting new people...but being a wedding photographer I'm constantly pushed outside my comfort zone and seeing new faces and holding new conversations literally every weekend. Simone and Aidan made it so easy at their wedding and I felt welcomed into the fold of their families to document their day. Along with trusty sidekick Stevie-Elle as my second shooter, the day flew by as we had an absolute ball. I didn't even notice the massive bridal party to be honest as everyone was so lovely and 'well-behaved' ie cooperated photo-wise haha! 

After a ceremony at Aidan's prior school Wesley College (where he was school captain no less - let's just mention that again hey Aidan? hehe) we hit up Freo's West End for some portraits. Fremantle is one of my favourite places for portraits, whether it's engagement sessions or family portraits or weddings. I could walk around for hours and keep finding nooks and crannies. We were blessed with a tropical February evening, with balmy weather and fluffy little clouds of humidity in the sky as the sun set. 

With final portraits on the jetty at the Fremantle Maritime Museum, the bridal party entered via the stairs and the cocktail reception began with a dance, the sun setting in an orange and pink glow over the harbour. Just a perfect day!