James and Lisa's Wedding | London...Boston...Perth

Well what an amazing wedding to start the season off with! Lisa is a solicitor in London, James runs his own company in Boston..and together they organised their wedding back here in Perth. People came from all over the world to spend time with these two - I think they quite liked spending some time together as well since they live 'across the pond' from each other. Together for either 14 or 18 years, depending on the story (hehe), James described the long wait in his speech. He is an entrepreneur; he is used to taking risks and would have married the love of his life after six months. Lisa is a lawyer; she needs to balance up both sides of the situation, be realistic and logical...a match made in heaven perhaps.

Both Lisa and James come from very close knit, loving families who have all obviously known each other for years and years and although there was the traditional 'welcome to the family' speech, you could tell this was just a formality and they had all considered each other 'family' for a long time.

The ceremony took place at the gorgeous St Michael the Archangel Church in Leederville, Perth and we went to UWA for portraits - a special place for James and Lisa :)

Avid music lovers (and composers in James' case), they chose Gershwin's at the Hyatt for their reception. With September 26th being the day they finally got together (after four years), the same date was chosen for their wedding, not realising until afterwards that Gershwin's birthday was also on this date. If that isn't fate working for you.....

A big thank you to Lisa for being so kind. She was always thinking of me..making sure I had everything I needed and complimenting me. It's her wedding day and she wants to make sure I am looked after. I had to tell her off. Don't worry Lisa, my head has shrunk down to its normal size now ;)

James is exceptionally good at public speaking and I love the passion he puts into his words. It is an amazing thing to witness a man so proud of his wife, and so very much in love. I also had a bit of a quivering chin when he mentioned his mum and dad...'In 36 years... I don't believe my parents have ever put themselves before me'. Yep, cue me blinking back the tears behind the viewfinder (again).

James ended his speech with the brilliant quote from Dicky Fox in Jerry Maguire: "I don't have all the answers. In life, to be honest I've failed as much as I've succeeded, but I love my wife, I love my life and I wish you my kind of success."

I hope you enjoy their story. I did. Thank you Lisa and James for the inspiration.

Oh and I know it is a massive blog post. I know that I had intentions of making my blog posts more succinct with less photos. Yep, that worked well...