Kali and Ashley | Country Wedding Swan Valley Perth

Well I think this was the best combination of light and location that I've ever had at a wedding. The clouds shimmied over, creating a beautiful soft light for the gorgeous ceremony of Kali and Ashley at a family property in the Swan Valley. Then we had the most magical magic hour ever, at another property (found quite by accident the week prior by the couple) where every which way I turned was beautiful light and beautiful views. Combined with the cutest house ever next door with lovely gardens, rustic sheds and a perfect swing on the perfect tree, I was in photographer heaven. I'm sure Kali thought I'd gone quite mad, I was so excited :) I seem to be getting worse at editing down shots for my blog posts, as I'm pretty sure this is a record for the amount of shots. But I like it - everyone does things differently. I like to show that I create consistent work over the whole day, no matter what lighting and location conditions and I also love giving my brides and grooms a massive preview hehe!

Congratulations guys!!

ps. Any bride that tucks her dress into, well, her dress, so she can dance more easily has my utmost respect. Well done chickie xo