Kara | Perth Boudoir Photographer | Elegant, artistic and sensual boudoir photography

Wow, I have had some stunning women to photograph lately! Thank you to all my recent boudoir ladies - big hugs :) I think you form a special bond with people when you photograph them... well....in their lingerie....and Kara was no exception.  I hope that the girls went away feeling amazing about themselves. Yes we all have imperfections (which can be minimised or hidden!) but we all have our strong features as well. I offer boudoir photography because it gives me such a high to know that I have helped, even in a small way, to a woman feeling much better about herself and her body. Oh, and I don't mean to hijack Kara's blog post but I just wanted to give a quick plug to the amazing woman who created the necklace in the last couple of images. Heidi from Spice Lily has the most amazing jewellery, both for your wedding and for everyday. I want this one and this one and this one and this one and this one!!