My favourite photograph of Leah | Hamilton Island wedding | Bridal portraits

I can't believe it is Leah and Huon's first wedding anniversary next weekend! What a beautiful time that was, especially to experience it on Hamilton Island. I can't wait to go back with the hubby in the next couple of years. How this year has flown by though - Christmas will be here in no time! I have a couple of weeks before I head full swing back into wedding season which hopefully lasts well into June next year. I'm nearly booked out for 2010 but there are still plenty of vacancies for the first half of 2011, although March and April are filling up quickly as usual.

In terms of the bridal preparation, I usually like to be there at least 2 hours prior to the ceremony start time, or 2.5 hours if your ceremony venue is far away from your bridal prep location. Normally you and your bridesmaids are receiving the last little touches of make up and I will photograph this candidly and will also photograph your details such as your dress, shoes, perfume and jewellery (including your engagement ring).

A great help to me is to ask one of your bridesmaids to organise all of these things together in a non-cluttered room, which has a largish window to let in lots of light. Once your bridesmaids are dressed, they can help you get ready. Make sure that you leave enough time, especially if you have a lace up dress which has been known to take up to 45 minutes ;)

It is great to leave 10-15 minutes before I leave for the ceremony to get some bridal portraits of you and also some of you and your family and bridesmaids. I like to get to the ceremony about half an hour prior to it starting, so I will leave well before you.

Beautiful, happy bride...