Sally and Jarrod's wedding at St Columba's in South Perth

Sally and Jarrod were married in May at St Columba's church in South Perth, which has the most gorgeous backdrop over Perth city. The light was on our side (May is usually wonderful for weddings!) and it was a lovely warm day with a gorgeous sunset. After the sweet ceremony and family portraits, we went to the Windsor Hotel and Coode St jetty for portraits. The jetty is one of my fave places just before sunset as the light plays on the city buildings in the background and you can get some stunning shots over the water with the city on the horizon. After the fun, relaxed portraits, we headed into Perth CBD to Ecucina, a gorgeous wine bar and restaurant that they had booked out for the wedding. The staff were absolutely fantastic and everyone had an absolute ball (including us!), dancing the night away, using the photobooth and eating copious amounts of lollies from the 'love is sweet' table! Mmmmmmmmm - lolly tables should be at every wedding I'm telling you. Give people a lovely meal, a load of sugar and a few drinks and they are going to have an awesome time ;)

I also have to mention the music as it can really make or break a wedding, and Sally and Jarrod had the best playlist! Okay that may be because our music tastes are obviously in line, but still, it was fantastic to hear such great music all night. I also have to mention Jarrod's speech. Jarrod was very quiet and calm all through the day and we noticed was always making sure Sally was happy and looked after, holding her hand and making her laugh. Then came his speech and the poem and the obvious adoration of his beautiful wife, which ensured most of the room was in tears.  It's always the quiet ones! Then they both got on the dance floor and we realised as they did the 'robot' together, that they were soulmates ;)

Congrats you two xx