Same direction, perhaps a different journey...

Some interesting events have happened lately and to be honest it has made me rethink the way that I do things in my business. I would  like to thank a friend, she knows who she is, for opening my eyes to what was there all along. I know what I love, I know what I need to do. I just needed a push. So a few points....

For the foreseeable future I will not be accepting portrait sessions unless they are engagement sessions linked to a wedding that I am also photographing.  I have a number of lovely, talented friends who photograph babies, maternity and young children and I would love to pass their names onto you if you do indeed have a portrait enquiry :)

Secondly, and this has been developing for a while, is that I want to be a wedding photojournalist. It's just what drives me; it is what I love! Much of what I photograph on any given wedding day is already natural and unposed, but I will really be pushing the point that I am not there to create, to set up, to force emotion onto you. This is your wedding day! If you are not affectionate and loving towards each other on your wedding day....ummmm...anyway.... well I in no way should be forcing that upon you.

There are photographers out there that will pose you in stiff positions and cheesy poses, or at the other extreme, to try to make you cry, to interfere in your day as if they were some kind of saviour for your relationship. I find it very bizarre. A couple on their wedding day is celebrating a day of love, a day about family and friends coming together. It is a beautiful thing to watch and I thoroughly enjoy watching the whole gamut of emotion on display, via my camera of course! It's not about me, it's about YOU!

I have long promoted myself as a photojournalist, someone unobtrusive who is merely there to capture what is going on but I feel in my heart that I need to pursue this avenue even further. If you want four hours of location portraits all around Perth, I'm sorry but I am not the photographer for you. If you have a list for me of all the photos during the day that 'need' to be checked off (yes it does happen!), I am not the photographer for you.  If you are hiring a videographer that is not candid and unobtrusive like myself, it will not work. But...if you are looking for a photographer who has great timing; who captures the ebb and flow of the wedding day including the little moments that are often missed; who is polite and friendly to your family and friends, photographing them candidly while they are enjoying themselves; as well as the natural flow of love and joy between the two of you, I am your woman and would love to hear from you ;)

Here is a favourite from a recent wedding. This was taken at the amazing Voyager Estate in Margaret River. Rachel and Andy are just the sweetest clients. They booked me 18 months prior to their wedding date and I was so excited when the day finally arrived. I didn't need to do anything for this shot. I said nothing. They went for a walk in the vineyard after their first look and before the ceremony. They spoke to each other quietly and Rachel shed a couple of happy tears. This is Andy comforting her. It's such a lovely moment!

I am very excited to announce that I will have a new website up and running in the next few weeks and I am looking forward to really showing you the images that light up my heart. The ones that make me realise that even on the hardest of days, that I am so lucky to have a career in a craft that I adore.