Shirley and Jason Wedding | UWA Sunken Gardens and Bells Function Centre

Wedding season starts for me again this Saturday with Bianca and Adam's wedding which is very exciting!! However I still have a few blog posts from last season to put up here in order to be all fresh and shiny (that was weird..but stay with's late!). I'm really hoping to start a trend of blogging sneak peeks of every new wedding within a couple of days of the shoot. That way my brides and grooms (okay mainly the girls) can get a look-see straightaway! So I'm on a final push to get the last few weddings from April and May up on here. Without further ado...Shirley and Jason's wedding at UWA's Sunken Gardens and the lovely Bells Function Centre on the Swan River. Three lovely things I will remember from this wedding: Shirley's infectious and joyful smile, Jason's obvious devotion to his bride and oh my the kids were so CUTE!!