Tips for great photography | Swoon Brides

Swoon Brides (a fabbo wedding blog) has just posted a no-nonsense list of how to create the right environment to get the best photographs possible. Read it here!

Some of my faves:

"1. Light is EVERYTHING when it comes to photography. Don’t get ready in a house with no natural light. Choose a spacious well lit room or better yet, a fabulous hotel room. It will make such a difference to your photos"

"7. Reconsider having a fake tan. Orange, orange, orange."

"10. Think about being unique. Don’t do what your friends did, or what people tell you to. It really is true when they say, “It’s your day!”

"12. Dappled light (uneven light coming through trees) can create some very dodgy looking photographs with a mottled effect. So can gazebos where the backdrop with be very backlit and the foreground very dark. There are ways of means of getting around this but do consider the lighting at your ceremony. Ask your celebrant to place you out of dappled / mottled light. If you are standing in full sun, squinting in real life, you will be squinting in your images. Remember the photographer can only shoot what is there already. The BEST light for shooting an outdoor ceremony is even shade."

"22. Choose a dress that suits and flatters your body type. Not one that makes you feel self-conscious and shows off areas of your body that you feel embarrassed of. If it’s a strapless dress, consider a bolero or a shrug. Add a sash in a bold colour. Select a dress that flatters your figure and makes you feel comfortable inside yourself. Consider a gown in a colour other than white."