WAPPA {West Australian Professional Photography Awards}

Before I start to tell you about how the WA professional photography awards went....I had a bit of an idea last night (shocking I know). Usually I have these ideas and say to myself, 'I won't be able to pull that off' or 'no one would be interested in that' but after completing the 12km City to Surf run on Sunday, I am feeling especially confident about my abilities haha! I wanted to jump right on it because if I wait, I won't do it and then someone else will do the exact same thing 2 weeks later and I would look like a copycat...that ever happened to you? I want to blog more. I like blogging, but it does take up a LOT of time. Some people do it as a full time profession so I knew I needed a way to do it that would keep me motivated and be worthwhile. You know that old nursery rhyme/poem, 'Monday's child is fair of face...', well I am a Friday's child: loving and giving (most of the time) and this literally popped into my head last night as a way to keep myself on the ball. So....I am giving myself till the end of 2010 to continue doing this. It doesn't necessarily mean I will be blogging every day but I will have a set idea from Monday to Friday for blog posts.

Monday's child is fair of face: Beauty in all its forms will be showcased (beautiful men as well!) so bridal portraits, cute kid portraits, boudoir, faq about make up and hair on your wedding day...

Tuesday's child is full of grace: Elegant, graceful images, stunning details, sweet moments...

Wednesday's child is full of woe: I thought candid, emotional moments would be best suited to Wednesdays. Nerves, emotions running high, tears on a wedding day. Also, baby and children portraits where things aren't exactly going as planned!

Thursday's child has far to go: I'm going to make this two-fold. Firstly, it would definitely be centered around any travel photography or personal photography projects I have going at the time. Secondly, this will be my personal day where I may share personal news, observations etc. Although I'm not a Thursday's child...I do have far to go in many aspects of my life. The day I stop learning is the day I die....

Friday's child is loving and giving: On Fridays, entire weddings will be featured! If I am up to date with featured weddings, I will showcase beautiful loving moments either at a wedding or family portraits etc.

So hopefully  this will help me keep on track with blogging for the rest of the year, let you know a little bit more about what I do as a wedding and portrait photographer and also allow you to get to know me a little better.

Back to the awards.....(and since it is Tuesday, I do believe the wedding images below show elegance and grace!)

2010 was my first year of entering the WAPPA awards which are run via AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). I knew I would be entering the wedding category of course, but then thought, why not try my hand at other categories as well. So prints were chosen for landscape, family portrait and the new category of wedding album.

I have to say, the wedding album category meant the most to me. I don't pretend to be the *most-awesomest-fabulous-amazing* photographer in the world, or an expert at Photoshop, but I know I can tell a good story with great images. I had a bit of an epiphany when I realised this is how I started out; as a film and television editor, placing images together in a sequence so they would be meaningful to a viewer.  I spent two full days trying to make that album as perfect as I could. Hopefully this means hard work pays off because I ended up getting runner up to Wedding Album of the Year! A list of all the winners and runners up can be seen at the WA AIPP website. If you would like to view the album, click here. It features the lovely Dan and Fiona who were married in Margaret River in March.

Here are a few of my favourite spreads:

I also did fairly well with my other categories. You enter a portfolio of 3 prints, based around a theme and the judges choose what they believe is the best print of the 3. This is the print that is judged. I received a 78 for my family portrait (the judges chose the one with Seth on the stairs) which although not up in the silver territory, is considered high professional practice so I'm happy with that.

With my wedding category, the image of Alison looking into the mirror while her veil is placed over her head was chosen for the judging and it received 81, which is considered above standard professional practice and is one point more than what it received in the national APPA awards. I was very pleased with my landscape score as I don't pretend to be a landscape photographer by any stretch of the imagination, but my image of Venice scored an 80. Pretty good for a happy travel snap! *Mental note - use this as an excuse to travel more!*

I hope you enjoy the images below.