Wedding Photography Competition Finalists!

I have chosen the three finalists for the wedding photography competition! Here are their stories and photos and then on Monday I will be showing their individual photos on my Facebook business page here. The winner is the person with the most 'likes' on their photo by 5pm Thursday 14th February (Thought I'd celebrate the lurrrvve on Valentine's Day!). Please get behind this and vote for your favourite couple on the White Tulip Photography Facebook page.


Kurt and Abbie met a few times through friends and hit it off. They couldn't be more different from each other as Abbie is a Kimberley girl from Broome and Kurt from farming country in Waroona south of Perth. The more time they spent together, the more in love they became. Clichéd but true! Their beautiful little munchkin Lucas surprised them a little and took the relationship in another, deeper direction. It made their love stronger than ever. Their wedding will be held in September next year and they are going to make the wedding as special as they can but the most important thing to Kurt and Abbie is to have the people they love there with them to celebrate. Abbie says, 'We are having Thai wish lanterns to send off with all of our friends and family. It may not seem like much but as my dad won't be there, I feel this way he will be a part of it all'.


"Hi Mandy I will be marrying my favourite person in the whole world on 1st March 2014. His name is Carlos and he is just awesome. We have been together for just over 8 years and he proposed to me on my birthday last year with his mother's ring. We have the Nedlands Yacht Club booked for a massive cocktail party which we are so excited about! 

My background is Lebanese/Greek and Carlos is Brazilian, we were both born in Australia and have big families. This means our wedding will be one large multicultural affair! We like to party and we LOVE to dance. We will have the dance floor set up outside and there will be outdoor couches, bench seating, lanterns and fairy lights to give ambience and lots of adorable decorations to make the day special. I work at a furniture manufacturer so instead of hiring cushions etc I can have them made up in a variety of colours.

I want to make sure everyone is well fed as quite frankly, my family will never let me live this down if they are not! When guests arrive we will have a vintage popcorn machine set up for them to have a treat before dinner. The main food option we decided on is a Paella station, with 4-5 tapas and a seafood, chicken and vegetarian paella to cater for all guests. People can watch a cooking demonstration and eat as they please!

After dinner fairy floss will be given out as a sugar fix:

We will be having a photo booth and a tip jar instead of a guest book so people can leave us marriage advice! This is sure to be a laugh as our family and friends are a wonderful, interesting, fun and crazy bunch of people. I love bright colours so at the moment my bridesmaids will wear cobalt blue cocktail dresses with blue wedges. I will also be wearing colourful wedges under my white dress. I want a headpiece instead of a veil and dress wise I am hoping for something cocktail but will lace or fabulous back detail. See my Pinterest account!

My favourite thing is what I have asked from my dad. He is a wood carver by trade and has carved all the formal furniture in our family home. He will be making us a sign for the wedding with our names which we can keep forever.

We want our day to be special, not just for us but for everyone involved. Good times, lots of dancing and for everyone to leave well fed and happy to have celebrated with us."



"My name is Emma, and John is my future husband to be! We are recently engaged and are planning our wedding for the 1st February 2014 in Guildford, more specifically, the Padbury Stables. I asked John what he thought we should enter as the unique details of our wedding and he said, "Thirty Irish people, many of whom have never been to Australia, sweating their bollocks off at our summer wedding!" This is what I think of our plans: Family is extremely important to us. John is Irish and has been living here for close to 5 years and his family have never been here. In fact his parents have taken possibly one flight their whole lives so coming over here is a big deal. We have been to Ireland once and we Skype and call and write, but we can't wait to have them here in person. Although I am Australian, my family are from Derby and we don't see them much either. This will probably be the only time in our lives that our families will ever meet so we really want to celebrate our love with them.

We are celebrating all the things we love about both Irish and Australian cultures and small traditions from each. We want the brightness of Australian wildflowers, the beautiful Australian landscape, betting on the Father of the Bride's speech (traditional Irish custom), Irish 'tying the knot' and hopefully some Irish dancing! My best friend and maid of honour is very keen for this, although she does remind me of Kath and Kel from Kath and Kim when she dances ;) We want to include those who can't make it and those who have passed away through photos and displays (see Pinterest board). 

We hope to start new traditions - we are keen on the wine bottle concept where guests leave small notes and we bottle them with different bottles of wine and open them on different anniversaries. Or one box that we hammer together during our ceremony to include love notes that we write to each other the night before the wedding. We can open it on our 25th anniversary or if we ever hit a time of real trouble in our marriage.

Finally we chose the Padbury Stables and Guildford for the historical buildings out there and the landscape. We are both country kids who love history and love the relaxed feel and the beauty simple decorations can bring to the wedding. Again please check out my Pinterest board.
Thanks again!" 

Get voting on Monday peeps! 

Mandy xo