Well it's been quite the season! My last wedding until September is on Saturday and I get to photograph these gorgeous peeps again :) 

Yvonne and VuTheng came on a blustery summers (??) day and we had to wrap up warm against the crazy winter-like winds! I love the results though; nothing quite like wind swept hair. 

And on their wedding day, it will be just one short week until I'm on a plane to the UK and have three months of adventures awaiting me and my family.

It will be a working holiday, I've got portrait sessions planned and taking the gear to get some great travel and landscape photos for my travel blog, due to be published at the end of the year. Travel photography has always been a massive dream of mine, so being able to have 9 months of weddings and 3 months of travelling is a lofty but achievable goal going into the future. Life is short, enjoy the things that make you happy!

I'll be on email and online (insta etc) and will attempt to keep a form of online journal of our travels over on my Facebook business page if you want to see what I'm up to! If you are enquiring about your wedding, fear not, we can still Skype and organise everything online so you don't miss out on your date!